Scent: Fish have a highly developed sense of smell, and they rely on it to locate food. Fresh bait emits natural scents and odors that mimic the natural food sources of fish. The scent of fresh bait acts as a powerful attractant, drawing fish towards your fishing spot and enticing them to bite.


Increased Activity: Fresh bait is more active and lively, which can trigger the predatory instincts of fish. Whether it’s a wiggling worm or a lively minnow, the movement of fresh bait catches the attention of nearby fish and triggers their feeding response. The increased activity makes your bait stand out in the water and increases the likelihood of a strike.


Natural Appearance: Fresh bait retains its natural color, texture, and movement, making it appear more lifelike in the water. Fish are more likely to be fooled by bait that closely resembles their natural prey. By using fresh bait, you create a realistic presentation that increases your chances of fooling the fish into thinking it’s an easy meal.


Competitive Advantage: Fishing areas can be heavily fished, and fish become accustomed to seeing and avoiding artificial or stale baits. By using fresh bait, you gain a competitive advantage over other anglers who may be using less effective bait options. Fresh bait can attract more fish and entice them to bite, increasing your chances of a successful catch.


Nutritional Value: Fresh bait offers higher nutritional value compared to bait that has been sitting around for an extended period. Live bait, such as worms or minnows, contains essential nutrients that fish find highly attractive. Using fresh bait ensures that you’re offering fish a food source they find enticing and beneficial.


Versatility: Fresh bait offers versatility in terms of the species of fish it can attract. Different types of fresh bait can target various fish species. For example, worms are effective for catching a wide range of freshwater fish, while shrimp or squid may be preferred for saltwater species. Fresh bait allows you to adapt your approach and target specific fish species based on their feeding preferences.
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